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Over the years Iíve had a few people request to have their information removed from this website because they did not want to be bothered by potential spammers or others that could find them through the class web page. Anyway, in order to protect your privacy, and because I suspect the site is seldom used anymore I decided to remove the personal alumni pages.  Iíll still keep the main site up and people can contact me if they are looking for someone because I still have them saved locally on my computer.  If/when we hold another reunion the contact information will be a good start at contacting all of you.  Stay in touch!  Jim

These pages contain current contact information on the class of '82 alumni.  The names listed here are the names as they appeared in the '82 yearbook.  If your name does not appear (or there is a mistake in spelling), contact me at and I will add/fix your name.

If your name does not contain a link then I haven't received your current contact information, so please take a couple of minutes to fill out the information form and I will create a page for you.  If you move, your contact information changes, or you just want to update your bio feel free to submit again.  If you want me to include a photo send me an email and attach one image (scan a photo or use a digital camera).  I can only do one image per page as the amount of disk space on this free web hosting site is limited.  

I have placed a code in front of each name.  Dates should help you know who has submitted information recently. I've put quite a bit of effort into this and am committed to continue updating it.  The effort is well worth it to me as long as it is useful and helpful to you.  It will only take you a couple of minutes to submit your information so please do so now.  This will also insure that you keep receiving updates about the reunion.  If you have a friend that is still missing (?) click here for hints on helping us locate them.  If we've located you (a) but you haven't submitted your information please do so soon as it will help me to stop worrying and all of your friends to get in touch. THANKS!

Date - The date you submitted your bio or last updated your information
* - Updated from a previously submitted bio on the date listed

? -
We don't know where you are yet (or I haven't had time to update your status!)
- You have been contacted but you haven't submitted your information (shame on you!)

116/321  Have submitted bios



   ?             Adams, Lorrie
?             Adams, Sherilyn
a            Adelman, Scott
*8-5-2002   Allen, Paula
1-15-2002   Allen, Tammy
?             Allgaier, Susan
6-10-2002   Anderson, Lars
*1-18-2002  Andrizzi, Flynn
1-15-2002   Angell, JoAnn
a            Arnold, Elaine
2-11-2002   Austin, Michelle
a            Avery, Cindy
1-28-2002   Ayers, Nancy


6-20-2002  Bailey, Alan
           Baldwin, Mark
?             Baranski, Debbie
?             Barnett, Holly
a            Barney, Chris
7-8-2002    Barton, Monica
1-27-2002   Bates, Diana
*3-4-2002   Beal, Rob
?             Bedke, Cyndi
7-29-2002   Bednarik, Tammy
*6-19-200   Bell, Cindy
Deceased    Best, Michelle
a            Bills, Shauna
a            Bird, Robin
?             Bosch, Rulon
?             Bowman, Paige
a            Brimhall, Ruth
3-14-2002  Brown, Joseph
a            Brown, Mike
?             Bueno, David
?             Buford, Karalee
?             Burgon, David
?             Burton, Renee
 2-25-2002  Butkovich, Toni
?             Butler, Dorothy


Deceased    Candelaria, Bill
?             Carlson, Cindy
6-30-2002   Carlson, Randy
*6-17-2002 Carter, Richard
a            Chorlton, Sharon
1-30-2002   Christensen, Shontell
2-16-2002   Christian, Stacey
a            Christlieb, Duane
?             Clark, Steven
?             Clegg, Sandra
1-14-2002   Clements, Lynda
3-23-2002   Cooper, Eileen
a            Cowley, Richard
7-16-2002   Cowley, Scott
a            Cracraft, Derrick
a            Cranvens, Pam
a            Cressall, Steve
?             Crouch, Phyllis
?             Crump, Brian
2-10-2002   Cunningham, Joe
3-10-2002   Cunningham, Tracey


1-17-2002   Dahl, Sandra
2-11-2002   Dansie, Jeff
6-11-2002   Davis, Connie
4-3-2002    Densley, Troy
2-14-2002   Despain, Charlotte
?             Dixon, Rebecca
5-11-2002   Draper, Brian
?             Duncan, Linda
?             Duran, Mary


1-17-2002   Eckman, McKay
1-15-2002   Edwards, LaShelle
1-27-2002   Eliason, Trisha
?             Elkins, David
?             Ellison, Robert
?             Erickson, Holly
1-15-2002   Evans, Denese
a            Evans, Jackie
?             Evans, Mike
a            Evensen, Darren


  a            Faldmo, Sheryl
Deceased    Fehler, Kelly
*8-27-2002 Fisher, Carol
2-12-2002   Fisher, Crystal
?             Fisher, Kelly
?             Flake, Jon
?             Forbush, Scott


  ?             Gamble, Gary
2-19-2002   Gardner, Kim
?             Garnes, Clay
a            Gibbs, Kirk
a            Giles, Carrie
a            Gilgen, Thomas
?             Glassey, Alison
a            Gogan, Troy
2-28-2002  Goodfellow, Tracie
?             Goodrich, Sheila
6-18-2002   Gordon, Tammy
3-22-2002   Gotberg, Colleen
?             Green, Cindy
?             Green, Darryl
?             Groneman, Shelly
?             Gutierreze, Enedelia


  a            Hair, Shannon
?             Hales, Brent
?             Hamilton, Darrin
?             Hansen, Annette
 2-14-2002  Hansen, Kyle
?             Hansen, Troy
 2-18-2002  Hardcastle, Heidi
?             Harding, Morgan
?             Harding, Terri
?             Hargis, Ron
8-7-2002    Harlan, Andrea
?             Harris, Margo
1-25-2002   Harston, Lisa
?             Hatch, Jay
?             Hayes, Karalee
?             Heaps, Jamie
a            Heder, Van
6-18-2002   Helwich, John
?             Hensler, Bill
?             Herman, Brenda
?             Herman, Michael
*8-27-200   Hermansen, Lorin
*8-28-2002 Hickman, Tamera
?             Holt, Brad
?             Hold, Donna
?             Hooser, Scott
?             Hopes, Rachelle
?             Horscroft, Debbie
3-4-2002    Hougton, Karen
?             Howard, Audrey
?             Howard, Glenn
2-12-2002   Hutcheon, Karen
1-23-2002   Hyde, Greg


  a            Jackson, David
?             Jacobson, Diane
2-12-2002   Jacobson, Karie
5-11-2002   Jensen, Jane
?             Johnson, Cherri
1-26-2002   Johnson, Linda
?             Johnson, Nancy
4-20-2002  Johnson, Tawny
?             Jonsson, Debbie
 2-19-2002  Jorgensen, Bryce
?             Juretich, Chantelle


  ?             Kelly, Scott
?             Kemp, Ryan
?             Kendall, Marie
?             Kenyon, Cory
8-4-2002     Kokkola, Debbie
2-17-2002   Krebs, Paul
?             Kunz, Rose


  ?             Lambert, Kristin
?             Lambert, Lori
?             Lamont, Karen
a            Lamping, Dave
?             Langenbacker, Curtis
?             Larsen, Steve
?             Lawson, Kurt
?             Learned, Donna
?             Lee, Lori
?             Lemonds, Tammy
?             Lindsey, Linda
?             Lindsley, Stephanie
?             Lister, Brent
?             Livingston, Marlene
?             Lloyd, Cynthia
4-28-2002  Loveall, Mike
a            Lucero, Rebecca


  ?             Manwill, Diana
?             Marchant, Trisha
6-3-2002    Marchant, Kirk
?             Maroney, Cindy
?             Martinez, Marcia
8-1-2002     Maw, Lisa
?             Maxwell, Kathy
?             Maxwell, Mark
1-18-2002   McAllister, Karen
7-22-2002   McCaffree, Marci
4-1-2002     McCall, Kristy
?             McDonald, Shaney
?             McFarlane, Kathleen
?             McMillan, Jennifer
2-9-2002     Mecham, Annette
1-16-2002   Mellville, Marcus
?             Menna, Marie
*8-27-2002 Middaugh, Tanya
?             Miller, Camellia
?             Miller, John
*6-15-2002 Miller, Joy
?             Mills, John
?             Mills, Sherilyn
4-13-2002  Montoya, Linda
?             Moody, Elizabeth
a            Moore, Mike
a            Moore, Trina
?             Mortensen, Glenn


  ?             Nance, Tonya
?             Nelson, Dorene
4-7-2002    Nelson, Ginny
1-14-2002   Nelson, Jim
3-26-2002   Nelson, Mike
3-6-2002    Nielson, Stephanie
?             Norman, Christine


  a            Oakason, Mike
?             Oakden, Mark
?             Ogden, Melody
?             Oliver, Diane
2-2-2002     Olson, Todd
2-11-2002   Ontiveros, Staci
*8-13-2002   Orme, Mike
*7-30-2002   Osborn, Michelle
2-9-2002     Ostler, Kurt
?             Ottman, Joann
2-24-2002   Overman, Kris
?             Oviatt, Tracy


2-27-2002   Pangos, Lisa
?             Paramore, Randy
?             Payton, Dawn
2-7-2002     Peacock, Carol
1-27-2002   Perkins, Terri
?             Petersen, Craig
1-28-2002   Petersen, Mark
?             Petersen, Val
?             Petersen, Lesa
?             Peterson, Scott
a            Pierce, Tim
5-6-2002    Podlesny, Diane
6-20-2002  Powell, Julie
?             Price, Scott
?             Proctor, Becky
*8-30-2002 Provard, John
?             Pullan, Sherri


Deceased    Ray, Larry
?             Richardson, Jerry
a            Rinehart, Gail
*3-4-2002   Ritzman, Wendee
?             Robinson, Linda
?             Rodriguez, Alejandra
?             Rodriguez, Monique
?             Rogers, Danny
?             Rogers, Scott
?             Rose, Robyn
a            Ross, Corrie
a            Ross, Mike
?             Royter, Kelly
6-27-2002   Ruffell, Arilyn


  ?             Sanders, Cindy
7-25-2002   Saxton, Allen
1-14-2002   Sayers, Chad
a            Schneiter, Steve
?             Schofield, LaNell
8-14-2002   Schott, Kris
?             Scott, Rhonda
?             Severson, Kevin
?             Sevy, Tracy
?             Sharp, Carrie
?             Sherrill, Greg
7-27-2002   Shields, Mark
?             Shiflett, Kevin
?             Simons, Doug
2-23-2002   Simons, Holly
1-19-2002   Skoubye, Jeff
Deceased    Smith, Damon
2-15-2002   Smith, Kendall
a            Snow, Casey
?             Snow, Michelle
*8-27-2002 Sorensen, Lori
?             Sorensen, Russ
?             Springer, Connie
2-27-2002   Steadman, Jerry
?             Storper, Mary Ann
?             Stout, Lonnie
6-5-2002    Stromberg, Susanne
3-18-2002  Sybrowsky, Colleen


  ?             Tarpin, James
?             Tarr, Jill
5-15-2002   Thacker, Richard
6-27-2002   Thackeray, Jason
?             Thomas, Brett
?             Thomas, Kim
?             Thompson, Cyndi
?             Thompson, Debra
3-3-2002     Thompson, Jerry
6-18-2002   Thompson, Tammy
6-20-2002   Thornblad, Roger
a            Thorne, Holly
?             Thornwall, Crystal
?             Tobin, Michael
?             Tufts, Allen


*8-15-2002  Urton, Lania


1-15-2002   Valenzuela, Paul
?             Vanderhoek, Lottie
?             VanTassell, Jessie
?             Versluis, John


  ?             Wall, Glade
?             Wallace, Ann
?             Warburton, Holly
1-30-2002   Washburn, Bryan
?             Watts, Brent
?             Webster, Matt
?             Welch, Denise
a            Welch, Staci
?             Wellington, Carlyn
?             Wellington, Sharalyn
1-24-2002   Westphal, Randy
?             Wharton, Julie
?             Wilcox, Janet
1-23-2002   Williams, Arthur
5-2-2002    Williams, Kayleen
?             Wilson, Sam
Deceased   Winchester, Tina  
?             Winterholler, Carla
?             Wissler, Steve
?             Worlton, Annette
?             Wymer, Le Ann


  ?             Yates, Steve
?             Young, Jon


  ?             Zafft, Susan
3-7-2002    Zupan, Connie