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Reunion a Big Success!

Thanks to the committee and to all those who attended and made the reunion such a big success.  We would like to know if we should try and hold a 25 year reunion, or wait ten years until 30?  Please click here to fill out a short survey that we can pass on to those who take this on next time.  If you want to be involved in the next reunion send me an email.

This site contains news about Jordan High, old teachers, and fellow class members.  It also has a listing of the alumni from the class of '82 including current contact information and a short bio describing what each person has been doing since 1982.

I plan to keep this site up and running as long as it is feasible (i.e. tripod continues to sponsor their free website hosting) so bookmark it, keep your information current, and encourage the many who still have not submitted bios to do so soon!

If this is your first visit to the site submit your current contact informationPLEASE do this now.

Page last updated: 08/18/03

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