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Here are a few pictures from the 20 year reunion August 10, 2002

Family Picnic

Thanks Nancy!  The picnic was a great success and it seemed like nobody wanted to leave.  Even the kids, who if they were like mine were reluctant to come, seemed to have a great time.

picnic1.jpg (170935 bytes)    picnic2.jpg (195442 bytes)    picnic3.jpg (196166 bytes)

Reunion Dinner and Program

Thanks Flynn! We were lucky that you have such good contacts and were able to arrange such a nice event.  What will we do next time, hold the reunion in Philadelphia?

dinner1.jpg (172309 bytes)    dinner2.jpg (154207 bytes)


Thanks Jerry!  If you have a picture(s) send them to me.

Temple Session

Thanks Paul! If you took a group picture afterwards send it to me.

Memorabilia CD

We are putting this together and will be mailing it out soon.  If you didn't order one there, or didn't attend and want to order one email me (basically I just need you to send me $5.00 and make sure I have your return address).  My address is:

Jim Nelson
840 E. 750 S.
Springville, UT  84663

Committee Members:

We had fun taking our turn at it and appreciate even more what the class officers and others have done in the past.  If you want to get involved with the next reunion let me know

Flynn Andrizzi
Bryan Washburn
Jim Nelson
Tammy Nash

Steve Schneiter
Jeff Skoubye
Mike Orme
Stephanie Fritzsching
Karen Spencer
Gregory Hyde
Paul Krebs
Nancy Cozzens
Joy Miller