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If you are like me then you probably haven't stayed in touch with old friends as well as you should have.  A reunion gives us an excuse to make a long overdue call. It has been a lot of fun for me to try and contact old friends and I'm sure it will be just as rewarding for you.  Take 30-60 minutes, you will be well rewarded and help us out a lot too! 

Here are some hints on locating friends:

bulletIf you have a phone number call them or email me and send the information (or both). 
bulletIf you have an address write them or email me and send the information (or both).
bulletIf your friend is male (or female and single) you know their first and last name.  If you know the city/sate they live in then Go to the white pages of any search engine (like and search for their information.  Call them and if you connect let them know about this web page and then email me the information.
bulletIf your friend is female and you know their husband's first and last name follow the previous instructions to try and find them.
bulletIf you know where your friend's parents are call them and get updated information then call them, point them to this website and email me the information.
bulletIf you know your friend's parents names but aren't sure where they are anymore try to search for them on the internet as outlined in previous hints.

Thanks, together we can do this a lot better than individually, or as small reunion committees.  If each person tries hard to locate one old friend it will make a huge difference.