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Dan Boskovich


Dear Class of Ď82,
 My!  How time flies.  1982 was just yesterday in my book.  Probably itís just the day before yesterday for you all.  Thatís the difference between 32 years old and 62 years old.  Well, what has happened to Ďol Boskovich over the past twenty years?  He no longer teaches French Ė which I think he was teaching twenty years ago Ė but Spanish and ballroom dance.  You didnít think the old man would still be able to walk live alone dance.  Well, Iíve got news for you.  He can.  As a matter of fact, there are fifty kids in the dance class on ďAĒ days and a few less on ďBĒ days.  And I can keep Ďem moving
 My life still revolves around my other kids, those that live or lived in my house.  My oldest daughter, now 26, has a masterís degree in economics and makes twice the money that I make here at Jordan.  Sheís single and wants to start a doctorate in Art History, her passion.
 Peter, now back two years from his mission in Milano, Italy; is a student and working.  Heís single also.  He plays bass guitar in a group called Pipe Dream.  The group has made a couple of CDís.  They are playing in a movie called  The Singles Ward.  I think itís the same film makers who made Godís Army and Brigham City.  You movies buffs would know.
 Our youngest daughter Alexis is a senior on a scholarship at the University of Utah in piano performance.  She also plays the harp.  Last New Yearís Eve, my wife and I played cards Ė something that Iím apposed to actually Ė in the lobby of a park City hotel while Lexie played at a restaurant.  Sheís well played, but I have to help her move that 85 lbs harp around.  I donít know how much longer the old man can do that job.  Lexie has won a scholarship which will take her to New York at the end of her studies here at the U.  She was born in Ď82, by the way.  It was a good year.
 Zachary our youngest is waiting for his mission call at this writing.  He played soccer on a competition team that took him to France a couple of years ago.  The team was also invited by Nike to participate in a world tournament that ended in South Africa.   None of my kids are married.  I hope that sometime soon we get a return on all that oatmeal weíve invested in them.  Grand kids is what I have in mind.
 My wife doesnít die her hair any more, and I donít have much hair left.  Iíve been thinking about staying on to teach even after Iím 65.  I can feel the hot breath of those 65 years already on the back of my neck.  I enjoy teaching, and the thought of rocking on the front porch after the chill of early October doesnít appeal to me too much.  After all these years, Iíve got the habit of getting up at 5:15 any way.  Why not come to school?  To be totally honest with you, if it werenít Jordan High School, I donít know if Iíd feel the same way.  I love it here and love all you kids.
 Iíll let you know whatís happening with Bosko at your 40th reunion.  Have fun.